Discover best practices, books, stories and get inspiration for your next idea. Entrepreneurship starts with research.


We source great talent within CRI and CRI partner organizations, to form a team of mentors across various discipline.


At CRI we believe in learning through research and hands on projects. Pick the best lab and tools for your prototype.



Why did CRI launch an Entrepreneurship Program?

CRI is a “Think and Do Tank” that focuses on new ways of learning, teaching and research, stimulating collective intelligence to address great challenges of our time. We consider entrepreneurship to be an essential platform for cultivating problem solving mindset and acting on those big challenges.

Who can benefit from Entrepreneurship support?

Entrepreneurship at CRI is an exclusive student and staff focused program, aimed to foster internal experimentation and problem solving capacity. Nevertheless we invite the wider public to explore our methods, results and stories, and to share their feedback. Most of our work is published online under creative commons.

What is the exact support I can count on?

The program will be launched and developed in 2 major stages. At first we focus on internal prototyping experience, offering training resources, project coaching, prototyping facilities and strategic micro funds. In the second stage, for successful prototypes, we will focus on public launch, funding needs and growth strategies. 

How do you measure the impact of this program?

First we measure the total number of experiments by CRI students and staff, counting them as learning experiences and skills. Second, we document all the experiments and build a digital knowledge base. Third, for the successful prototypes, we will look at social impact, employment, and economic value.